How to get Command blocks in Minecraft Single Player.

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Getting command blocks in Minecraft Single Player is easy:

How to getfind command blocks in Minecraft Singleplayer

So you want to do fancy things like teleport using command block and want to know where to find them in the single player game of Minecraft because you can't find them in the creative inventory. Right. Don't worry here comes the answer, with no video and now more fluff.

To get command blocks in Minecrat:

  1. Start Minecraft
  2. Enter the single player
  3. Press the "T" key to open the command console
  4. Enter this code: /give (yourplayername) 137 64
  5. NOTE: obviously "(yourplayername)" is the name of your player within Minecraft (you know the one you login with)

TIP. If you want to save time. Start the singleplayer game press the "T" key and the type:
/give @p minecraft:command_block 64

The "@p" give the closest person (you) 64 command blocks.

NOTE: The code: /give @p 137 64 also works on older versions, 137 is the decimal number reference to a command block in Minecraft, the number after it (in the above example 64) tells mine craft how many command blocks to give.

typing cammand block command in minecraft 1.7.2
Also worth learning is that the code you write in the command console (when you press the "t" key), is the same code that is used by a command block.

So you can right click a command block and type:
/give @p diamond 64
Then, add any random block directly next to the command block and add a button. When that button is pressed the player will get 64 diamonds

You can also use handy codes like these for a command block:

  • /set time 0 (sets the time to early morning)
  • /tp @p x y z (change x, y and z to actually co-ordinates and this will teleport the player. To see co-ordinates, press the F3 key)
  • /weather clear (stops it raining or snowing in Minecraft).

So I hope you now know how to find/get command blocks in the single player of mine craft. For more information about command blocks go to the command block wiki.

Let me know how you are getting on with min craft and command blocks in the comments.